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How Violence Affects Women In El Salvador

However, AI states that “[d]espite some welcome progress within the implementation” of the Special Comprehensive Law for a Violence-free Life for Women, “few cases of killings have been prosecuted as the gender-based crime of femicide” (AI 25 Feb. 2015, 142). Al Jazeera equally states that “[a] prevailing machismo attitude among the many police, prosecutors and judiciary in particular continues to be an enormous impediment to justice for girls” (Al Jazeera 7 June 2013). The ORMUSA lawyer interviewed by Al Jazeera indicated that “[s]everal senior judges have denounced the Special Comprehensive Law for a Violence-free Life for Women as ‘unconstitutional,’ insisting they might not implement it in their courts” (ibid.). In a 2013 interview with UN Women, the identical lawyer stated that “[w]e are nonetheless coming throughout ignorance of the existence of the legislation, and resistance in making use of it” (UN 4 Apr. 2013).

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And in 2018, the Attorney General’s Officelaunched a new women’s unitto assist sort out violence towards women. It’s headed up by a lady, Ana Graciela Sagastume, who’s now chief prosecutor on all female homicide cases throughout El Salvador. Even although the variety of official stories seems excessive, in reality instances are underreported to government entities.

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Carmen’s daughter Manuela died in prison after being accused of abortion in El Salvador. “Global Database on Violence against Women.”Law for a Life Free of Violence in opposition to Women, 2011, opposition to-women–2011-.

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